Lorelei Osterman
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Lorelei Osterman
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Lorelei Osterman was a Manticoran citizen and a non-commissioned officer of the early Royal Manticoran Navy.

The Osterman Cross was named after her.

Biography Edit

Holding the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer in the early 1540s PD, she served as a fire control technician aboard the destroyer HMS Phoenix. (HHA6.2: ACTA)

In 1543 PD, she took part in the battle against the invading Volsung Mercenaries. When her ship was fatally damaged, she and Ensign Fenton Locatelli rigged up its remaining lasers to destroy the enemy battlecruiser Thor. They died moments later when the HMS Phoenix's last plasma line ruptured and the ship was destroyed as well.

In honor of her heroic sacrifice, the highest award for enlisted personnel, the Cross of Military Valor, was renamed the Osterman Cross. (MA2)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Senior Chief Petty Officer

Posts Edit

  • Fire Control Technician, HMS Phoenix

References Edit

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