The Loomis Liberation League was a political and para-military resistance movement in the Loomis System.

It was organized as a legal political party in 1915 PD by Megan MacLean, to form an opposition to the ruling Loomis Prosperity Party and its policy of letting interstellars decimate Loomis' natural resources like silver oak wood. It won in two of Elgin City's boroughs, giving it 0.4 percent of the seats in Parliament. In the following election, however, the government removed the opposition from their seats, prompting the LLL to adopt a more radical policy.

What followed was a brutal civil war that ended when the Solarian League Navy moved in on the rebels, wiping them out with kinetic strikes from orbit in 1922 PD. It was also contacted by a Mesan Alignment agent named Partisan pretending to be arms dealer and Manticoran government agent. In the end its leadership and most of its organization was completely wiped out. (SI4)