Light Cruiser Squadron 7036

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Light Cruiser Squadron 7036 was a tactical unit of the Solarian League Navy's Maya Sector Detachment.

It was organized with Erewhon-built Marksman-class light cruisers. Created for SLN purposes, the squadron was officially described as an Erewhon Navy unit manned by Maya Sector Detachment personnel. Its Commanding Officer in 1921 PD was Captain Dirk-Steven Kamstra.

Staff Edit

Lieutenant Michael Dobbs – Chief of Staff

Organization Edit

  • Light Cruiser Division 7036.1 – CO Commander David Carte
    • 3 cruisers, including SLNS Sharpshooter, division flagship - CO Commander David Carte
    • an arsenal ship
  • Light Cruiser Division 7036.2 – CO Commander Laura Raycraft
    • SLNS Artillerist, division flagship - CO Commander Laura Raycraft
    • SLNS Archer
    • SLNS Charade (AE) - CO Commander Melanie Stensrud
  • Light Cruiser Division 7036.3 – CO Commander Iain Haldane
    • SLNS Marksman, squadron flagship - CO Captain Dirk-Steven Kamstra
    • SLNS Ranger, division flagship - CO Commander Iain Haldane
    • a third cruiser
    • an arsenal ship

Ships Edit

Light Cruiser Squadron 7036 was composed of:

Service record Edit

In 1921 PD the squadron took part in the Battle of Torch. (CS2)

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