Sphinx from space

Sphinx as portrayed in the letter's attachment

The Letter from Stephanie is a set of Honorverse content created by David Weber, published online some time after the publication of the young adult novel, A Beautiful Friendship. It has the form of a letter from freshly immigrated Stephanie Harrington to a friend back on the planet Meyerdahl, with an attached information package on the planet Sphinx.

It is officially also known as Honorverse Tech Bu9, and was also published in ebook format.

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The letter is sent from Stephanie Harrington on Sphinx to her friend Maja Kerensky on Meyerdahl on 17 Januay 1519 PD. In it, Stephanie recounts her journey to the Manticore System aboard the transport ship Madeleine Davenport, as well as her family's arrival on their new home. She mentions that Sphinx is still a young colony with only small towns and settlements compared to Meyerdahl, and that she is getting bored while waiting for the Harrington freehold to be completed. She also mentions that someone or something has been stealing celery from the colonists' greenhouses.

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Marjorie Harrington | Richard Harrington | Stephanie Harrington | Maja Kerensky | Gary Shelton | Tuttle

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