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"Let's Go To Prague", written by John Ringo, is the fourth short story in the fourth Honorverse anthology The Service of the Sword, first published in 2003.

Timeframe: late 1913 PD

Plot Edit

The Manticoran military spies John Mullins and Charles Gonzalvez travel to the planet Prague in the People's Republic of Haven for a little holiday. However, they soon become involved in the extraction of Admiral Mládek, a People's Navy officer who wants to defect to Manticore.

In the middle of these unsuspected events, Mullins meets an old love interest of his, Rachel Covilla, whom he had to leave behind on Haven when being reassigned. She helps him to some extent, but does not come with them.

Through a little scheming, a wild car chase, and the use of some extravagant costumes, the two spies manage to get the Admiral to safety. The data he provides helps Admiral Givens to confirm large amounts of StateSec data Honor Harrington brought back from the prison planet Hades. However, Mullins and Gonzalvez are chastised by Givens for the track of chaos they left behind.

In the end, Mullins reconciles with Rachel, who to his astonishment turns out to be a fellow ONI officer and the one actually in charge of extracting Mládek. The two renew their relationship and plan a romantic holiday on Gryphon.

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