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Leonard Boardman was a Havenite citizen and politician.

Biography Edit

Boardman was Second Deputy Director of Public Information under Cordelia Ransom, and he conducted the press conference on which the faked execution of Honor Harrington was announced to the galaxy. He maintained a personal rivalry with his nominal superior, First Deputy Director Eleanor Younger, a rivalry he eventually won as he was named Secretary for Public Information and a full member of the Committee of Public Safety. (HH8, HH9)

It was Boardman's idea to show "footage" of the execution depicting Harrington as meeting her impending execution calmly and soberly, so as to inflict a subtle blow to Allied morale and to give a more believable impression of her death. (HH8)

The forgery of Harrington's execution would come to haunt Boardman later, as the news of her escape from Hades became public throughout the galaxy before he could put a spin to it. In his reports to the Committee of Public Safety, Boardman correctly assumed that the public relations repercussions of the mass breakout from Hades would be catastrophic for the credibility of the People's Republic and the Committee. (HH9)

Leonard Boardman was ultimately killed when the Octagon was destroyed by a nuclear device on Oscar Saint-Just's orders during Admiral Esther McQueen's attempted coup. (HH9, HHA3.2: N)

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Preceded by
Cordelia Ransom
Secretary for Public Information
People's Republic of Haven
(1911 - 1914 PD)
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