Leander Joubert
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Leander Joubert
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Leander Joubert was a Havenite citizen and an officer in the People's Navy.

Physical appearance Edit

He was a tall man at one hundred and eighty-five centimeters, and had black hair, gray eyes and a dark complexion. (HH8)

Biography Edit

Joubert's career was meteorical, rising from the rank of Lieutenant to Captain in barely four years and becoming, at age thirty-one, chief of staff to Admiral Javier Giscard when the latter was given command of Twelfth Fleet.

Giscard suspected that Joubert was an informer for the Office of State Security planted to spy on him, a belief which found support in the junior officer's extremely fast career, in the insistence with which People's Commissioner Eloise Pritchart pressed for his appointment as chief of staff, and in Joubert having the support of senior StateSec officers.

These beliefs made Joubert suspicious in both Giscard and Pritchart's eyes, because they feared that the captain would report on them (and their illicit relationship) to StateSec. However, they found a chance to neutralize Joubert's potential threat by assigning him to command PNS Shaldon, whose captain unexpectedly died from a heart attack during Operation Icarus. (HH8)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Lieutenant
  • Captain

Posts Edit

  • Chief of Staff, Twelfth Fleet
  • Commanding Officer, PNS Shaldon

References Edit

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