Larens Zilwicki, nicknamed Lars, was a Manticoran citizen and the sole natural relative of Queen Berry of Torch.

Biography Edit

Lars was born around 1902 PD [1] on Earth. He and his older sister Berry managed to survive in the undergrounds of Chicago, until Helen Zilwicki found them and they were adopted and brought to Manticore by Helen's father, Anton. (HHA3.3: FtH)

As of 1919 PD, it was not known what official standing Lars had in the order of precedence of the Kingdom of Torch.[2] He began studies at the New University of Landing that year. [3]

References Edit

  1. He was twelve when Helen met him and Berry around February 1914 PD.
  2. He was not the crown prince; the constitution directed that role to his older sister Helen.
  3. In mid-1922, when he was interviewed by The Star Empire Today, he had just started his third year at the university.

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