Lara Novakhovskaya was a former scrag, a leader of the Amazons, and a citizen of Torch.

She became Thandi Palane's lieutenant after Palane had taken over her group. Once the Kingdom of Torch was formed, she became Queen Berry's senior bodyguard. Between 1919 and 1921 PD, Lara was the lover of Saburo X.

When William Tyler attempted to assassinate Queen Berry by releasing an airborne toxin in the royal palace, Lara heard Genghis snarl, and Tyler's briefcase explode. She immediately grabbed Berry, and ran towards the door. Seeing she could not outrun whatever was happening, Lara threw Berry out of the throne room to Saburo X, and yelled for him to close the door. Her actions, and those of Genghis, Harper S. Ferry, and Saburo X, were the only reason Queen Berry survived.

Lara died from exposure to the toxin. In her memory, the Torch Royal guard was named Lara's Own. (CS1, CS2)

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