Lajos Irvine was a Mesan citizen and an operative of Alignment Security. He was genetically modified to serve as a deep-penetration agent within Mesa's slave community. (CS2)

He was indistinguishable from a standard genetic slave on the outside, but had received the prolong treatments and was a full member of the Mesan Alignment. (CS3)

Biography Edit

In 1921 PD, Irvine was investigating Ballroom attempts to make contact with the group led by Carl Hansen. He identified two suspicious individuals who were, unknown to Irvine, actually Anton Zilwicki and Victor Cachat. His superior Jack McBryde did recognize the men, and made contact with them; when Irvine discovered this fact, he reported the matter to Isabel Bardasano. Bardasano went to investigate McBryde at the Gamma Center, prompting him to activate the Center's self-destruct to prevent his capture and ensure Zilwicki and Cachat's escape. Bardasano also directed Irvine to investigate the two foreign agents, but they caught him, killed his support team and beat him unconscious before fleeing Mesa. (CS2)

In 1922 PD, McBryde's successor George Vickers assigned Irvine to root out remaining Ballroom terrorists on Mesa by monitoring their contacts with the seccy criminal underworld, but he ended up being captured and interrogated by Cachat. Some time later, a series of nuclear weapons were set off around Mendel under Operation Houdini; in discussing the events with Cachat, Irvine described the Mesan Alignment as an onion, which inadvertently trigged his suicide protocols and killed him. (CS3)

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