The LPX class was a concept of Royal Manticoran Navy's class of Marine assault transports developed in the 20th Century PD.

Origins and design notes Edit

This class was meant to replace Guadalcanal-class Heavy Assault Transports along with Rorke's Drift-class Fast Assault Transports as the main means of transport for Royal Manticoran Marines.

The real name of this class is still in the developement. Currently known only as LPX (Attack Transport, Experimental), this class is still in the state of design study as of 1920 PD.

The LPX will be built on battlecruiser-size hull and should carry the full brigade of Marines along with additional support personnel as the Guadalcanal-class does. Given the capacity, it will be probably built on Nike-class hull.

The main purpose of LPX was to provide every fleet with a vessel that carried enough active and passive defense systems to hold her own as part of the fleet of warships, while giving the fleet a large contingent of Marines, whose numbers on modern-era warships with heavy use of automation was very small. (Companion)

Known ships of the class Edit

References Edit

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