Léopold Rochefort
Male military
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Léopold Rochefort
Male   Male
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Léopold Rochefort was a New Tuscan citizen and an officer of the New Tuscany Navy.

Biography Edit

Holding the rank of Lieutenant, he served as an assistant communications officer aboard the space station Giselle, the primary New Tuscan communications and traffic control platform. His older brother, Admiral Guédon's senior communications officer, informed him about his government's true plans concerning the Star Empire of Manticore. He was approached by a Ministry of Security agent who paid him to insert a computer worm into the nearby Royal Manticoran Navy Destroyer Division 301.1 through Giselle's systems.

However, that person was actually working for the Mesan Alignment, and the button Lieutenant Rochefort activated an explosive charge hidden inside Giselle, completely destroying the station and killing everyone aboard, including Rocheford, and sparking the New Tuscany Incident. (SI2)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Lieutenant

Posts Edit

  • Space Station Giselle

References Edit

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