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The Kodiak Maximus, a bear analog, was an animal native to the planet Gryphon in the Star Kingdom of Manticore. It was a large and dangerous predator, reminiscent of the Kodiak bear of Old Earth.

As an apex predator, they were not common, which created problems, for their pelts were highly valued for their golden luxuriance. Hunting was extremely regulated to preserve the species, and trade in the pelts was closely controlled in an attempt to limit poaching. As a result, the pelts were a commodity which commanded a high black market value, and smuggling was both lucrative and not uncommon.

In 1900 PD, a large smuggled shipment of Kodiak Max pelts (43 million Manticoran dollars worth) was discovered aboard RMMS Mondragon, a Hauptman Lines freighter, at Medusa in the Basilisk System. It was seized and the Mondragon was both seized and eventually condemned by an Admiralty Court. (HH1)

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