Kingdom of Meyers
Form of Government constitutional monarchy
Home Planet Meyers
Capital Pine Mountain
Head of State king
Head of Government prime minister
Executive Branch government
Population 3,4 bln

The Kingdom of Meyers was a Verge star nation based on the planet Meyers in the eponymous star system.

Its capital was Pine Mountain, a city of over two million in 1920 PD.

The Solarian League's Office of Frontier Security effectively disestablished the Kingdom and turned Meyers into a League protectorate. (SI1, SI2) The House of Thomas officially remained on the throne, but King Lawrence IX had little actual power, concentrating on charity work.

For many years, Meyers was effectivly plundered by two Solarian business conglomerates, Newman & Sons and Brindle Star, Ltd.. However, in mid-1922 PD, the Star Empire of Manticore took the system in a preemptive strike to neutralize the Madras Sector as a strategic threat to its own Talbott Quadrant. King Lawrence was allowed to reclaim sovereignty and have his prime minister form an actual government. The restored Kingdom of Meyers chose to ally itself with Manticore. (HH14)

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