King William class SD
Name: King William class
Type: Superdreadnought
Affiliation: RMN logo small boxcolored Star Kingdom of Manticore
Date Introduced: 1872 PD
Preceded By: Manticore class
Succeeded By: Spinx class
Mass: 7,170,750 tons
Length: 1,304 m
Beam: 189 m
Draught: 176 m
Acceleration: 417.7 G
Crew: 4903
– 431 Officers
– 3877 Enlisted
– 595 Marines
Power: 5 Isler/Buckley GM-series 5
Fusion Reactors
Auxiliary Craft: 3 Condor-class pinnaces
4 Skyhawk-class pinnaces
2 Albatross-class shuttles
6 Dakota-class cutters

The King William class was a series of conventional (pre-pod) superdreadnoughts built and operated by the Royal Manticoran Navy prior to and during the First Havenite-Manticoran War.

The ships of the class were named after the monarchs of Manticore.

Design Notes Edit

It was the first RMN warship class of its tonnage rate to go into series production, based on lessons from the construction and service of the first RMN superdreadnought, HMS Manticore.

Once the first eight vessels of the class was completed, it became clear that countermissile batteries were getting more important in contemporary missile engagements. As a result, the Flight I ships were heavily refitted, and is the formal demarcation point for Flight II King Williams.

Early in the construction phase, it was planned to use new Mod 8 Capital Missile launchers, which were heavier and more robust than the Mod 3 launchers built into the Manticore. These weapons' feed tubes caused feed loading problems that were largely fixed in the Flight II designs. (Companion)

The class was one of the older pre-pod designs of the Royal Manticoran Navy, and was developed and built before the far more advanced Sphinx- and Gryphon-class superdreadnoughts. As such, they were slated for disposal and scrapping by the second Janacek Admiralty as part of a cost-saving exercise conceived by then-Second Lord of the Admiralty Reginald Houseman. (HH10) However, the majority of the ships were sold to other Alliance navies, such as the Erewhon Navy. ("House of Steel")

Technical Specifications Edit

  • Armament
    • 80 Mod 8 capital ship missile launchers
    • 38 Mk10 295cm lasers
    • 12 Mk85 305cm lasers
    • 42 Mk91 360cm capital ship grasers
    • 8 Mk52 410cm capital ship grasers
    • Barnett-Chung Mod2 grav lance
    • 12 Mk6 energy torpedo projectors
    • 72 Mod 5a countermissile launchers
    • 76 Mk16(8) laser clusters
  • Magazines
    • 9,600 Mk19 capital ship missiles
    • 103,680 Mk21 countermissiles
    • 20 Mk47 electronic warfare drones

Known Ships Edit

References Edit

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