A kinetic energy weapon was a weapon designed to bombard a surface with an inert projectile, with the destructive force coming from the kinetic energy of the high velocity impact.

During the Lunar Revolt, the rebels used the Heinlein Maneuver, which involved dropping rocks into Earth's atmosphere. (HH8)

The Solarian League military used kinetic bombardments to subdue rebellions on protectorate worlds.

The Royal Manticoran Navy used the Mark 87 "Damocles" Kinetic Strike Package, a containerized long-range weapon system equipped with up to six Marine Corps issue M412 kinetic penetrators. (HH14)

The Eridani Edict outlawed the kinetic bombardment of planetary surfaces, except for the purpose of taking out the enemy defense command center after its refusal to surrender.[1] (HH8)


  1. The Royal Manticoran Navy did just that on Mobius Beta in 1922 PD.

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