Keeley O'Cleary
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Keeley O'Cleary
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Keeley O'Cleary was a Solarian citizen and an officer of the Solarian League Navy's Battle Fleet.

Biography Edit

Holding the rank of Admiral, O'Cleary served under Fleet Admiral Sandra Crandall as third-in-command of the Battle Fleet's Task Force 496. Her flagship was the superdreadnought SLNS Anton von Leeuwenhoek.

In early 1922 PD, the task force arrived in the Spindle System, where Crandall demanded the turning over of Admiral Gold Peak and all others involved in the New Tuscany Incident. Imperial Governor Medusa declined, so Crandall ordered her ships to attack the Manticoran fleet in the orbit of Flax.

However, the Royal Manticoran Navy was expecting them, and thirty-two of their ships, including Crandall's flagship, were destroyed or pounded into wrecks in the Battle of Spindle. After Fleet Admiral Crandall was considered lost and Admiral Dunichi Lazlo's flagship, SLNS Andreas Vesalius, was also destroyed, O'Cleary took over command of the task force and surrendered to Admiral Gold Peak.

She was later taken to the surface of Flax along with the almost 400,000 surviving crewmembers of TF496, all of which were considered prisoners of war by the Star Empire. However, Manticore decided to let her return to the League carrying the Star Empire's official diplomatic note concerning the events in Spindle, along with tactical recordings of the engagement. The disgrace of being one of the first SLN commanders to surrender to an enemy in centuries effectively ended her career. (HH12)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Admiral

Posts and duties Edit

  • Commanding Officer, Battle Squadron 326 - and thus:
    • third-in-command, Task Force 496
    • second-in-command, Task Force 496 - after Admiral Lazlo's death
    • acting Commanding Officer, Task Force 496 - after Fleet Admiral Crandall's death

References Edit

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