Kazuyoshi Brewster was a Mobian citizen and an member of the Mobius Liberation Front.

His wife, teenage daughter, and ten-year-old son were killed by the Presidential Guard in the May Riots of 1922 PD. A month later, he led a rogue MLF cell, all of which had lost all or most of their family, in an attack on the Trifecta Tower in Landing. They managed to break through the security guards and take about fifty people hostage, including the Trifecta Corporation's senior system operations officer, Georgina Guernicke. When the government tried to storm the Tower, Brewster detonated pre-placed car bombs, killing dozens of Guard soldiers.

The hostage situation lasted for three days, until the Tower was finally stormed. The resulting blood bath left Brewster and his team as well as the hostages dead, and destroyed much of the building. (HH14)

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