Katherine Mayhew
Female civilian
Full Name
Katherine Elizabeth Mayhew
Female   Female
  ●   Spouse(s): 
  ●   Daughter(s): 
  ●   Son(s): 

Katherine Elizabeth Mayhew was a Grayson citizen, the first wife of Protector Benjamin IX and First Lady of Grayson.

Physical characteristics Edit

She had a fair coloring and blue eyes. (HH11)

Biography Edit

A small woman even by Grayson standards[1], she carried the role of first wife very gracefully and was very well educated in non-technical subjects. In Honor Harrington's personal opinion, she was sufficiently educated to have earned degrees from several universities, with a strong background in biosciences. (HH2, HH8)

In 1903 PD, Katherine attended a dinner for Honor Harrington with her husband and sister-wife Elaine. She was unharmed during the following assassination attempt by the Brotherhood of Maccabeus, which Harrington foiled. (HH2)

She was the mother of four of the Protector's daughters, Rachel, Theresa, Alexandra, and Arabella, as well as his first-born son and heir, Bernard Raoul. (HH11)

She was present at the adoption of both the first Grayson adult and first Grayson child by a Sphinxian treecat. (HH7, HH8)

References Edit

  1. She stood only 140cm (4ft 7in) tall.

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