The Katana class was a Grayson-built class of light attack craft, specifically designed as a space superiority craft.

Katanas were carried by Covington-class LAC carriers. Thanks to the design of their Viper missiles, they could act in both anti-LAC and anti-missile roles. (HH10)

Technical specifications Edit

Effects on tactics Edit

The Katana class was designed by Grayson on the theory that other powers could build advanced LACs based on the Manticoran ideas and that a space superiority LAC would be needed to combat these advanced LACs. The Katana's weapons mix was optimized to make it deadly to other LACs at the expense of ability to attack full up starships.

However, in addition to its anti-LAC role, the Katana was often used to supplement the anti-missile defenses of a fleet. The Viper anti-LAC missile remained an extremely capable counter-missile, matching the anti-missile performance of the cheaper dedicated Mark 31 counter-missile from which it was derived. (HH10)

References Edit

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