Karlovac attacks

Karlovac is hit.

The Karlovac terror attacks were a series of bombings carried out in the Kornatian capital city of Karlovac by the Freedom Alliance of Kornati (FAK).

First Wave Edit

There were eleven bombs planted; targets included the Nemanja Building, where the Kornatian Parliament was in session at the time, the Stock Exchange, the First Planetary Bank and the Sekarkic Square subway station as well as a number of office buildings and shopping malls.

In a whole, several hundred people were killed or injured in the bombings all over the city mall.

The Nemanja Building was actually hit by two seperate explosions: the first bomb struck the fifth floor, killing eleven parliamentary deputies and no less than twenty of their staff members. Several minutes later, a second bomb exploded on the third floor, killing many members of the Nemanja Security Force and the Capital Fire Department as well as Deputy Nicola Martinovic, who had come to the injured's aid.

Minutes later, Vice President Rajkovic had authorities declare martial law over the city.[1] Upon watching Agnes Nordbrandt's HD recording in which she and the FAK claimed responsibility for the attacks, he ordered Colonel Brigita Basaricek to track down and eliminate Nordbrandt. (SI1)

Second Wave Edit

Some time later, the FAK conducted a second series of attacks, this time hitting Karlovac's main post office, its largest department store, Sadik Kozarcanic Army Hospital, another First Planetary Bank building, and the Karlovac Metropolitan Museum. (SI1)

Assault on Camp Freedom Edit

Elements of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps were able to locate Camp Freedom, a major FAK training base also storing large amounts of weapons. The Marines assaulted the base and killed or captured over a hundred terrorists (including Drazen Divkovic) and captured over a thousand tons of military grade weapons including small arms, body armor and explosives.[2] (SI1ch.43-45)

References Edit

  1. Rajkovic served as Acting President at the time, as President Tonkovic was at the Constitutional Convention.
  2. The surviving recovered equipment was turned over to the Kornati Defense Forces.