The K-line was a line of genetic slaves bred by Manpower Incorporated of Mesa.

K-lines were bred to be personal servants, created in a multitude of slight variants. The "-86b" variant, for example, was designed to provide clients with acrobatic entertainment, like jugglers and court clowns.

Jeremy X, or K-86b/273-1/5, was an escaped K-line. (HHA3.3: FtH)

Mesan Genetic Lines
Alpha lines Bardasano | Detweiler | Ford | Hitchcock | Hurskainen | Kakadelis | Kubrick | Lucas | Monticelli | O'Hanrahan | Polanski | Stone | Tarantino | Thompson
Beta lines Lathorous
Gamma lines
Slave lines C-line | D-line | E-line | F-line | J-line | K-line | V-line

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