Justin Zyrr-Winton
Male civilian
Full Name
Prince Justin Zyrr-Winton
Male   Male
Birth date
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Prince Justin Zyrr-Winton was a Manticoran citizen and the Royal Consort of Queen Elizabeth III.


He was tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. (HHA2.3: QG)

Family Edit

After marrying Elizabeth, Prince Justin became the father of Crown Prince Roger and Princess Joanna. (HH9)

Biography Edit

Justin Zyrr was a common-born native of the planet Gryphon and served in the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps[1] in his youth, later leaving to pursue a career in research and development at Landing University. He met Crown Princess Elizabeth when she was sixteen and touring his research lab. Actually, he yelled at her for entering a restricted area, and she subsequently sent him a note of apology which crossed with one he sent her. She contacted him and they began seeing each other and dating. (Companion)

At Elizabeth's request, he investigated the death of King Roger III. He and Daniel Chou established that there was a cabal that resulted in the King's assassination. During the investigation, he was assaulted by Major Padraic Dover, a member of the Royal security detail and an agent of the cabal. In the middle of the fight, King Roger III’s treecat, Monroe, was roused to Justin's defense and they bonded. (HHA2.3: QG)

Eventually, Elizabeth and he were married, and Justin became the father of two children, Crown Prince Roger and Princess Joanna. (HH9)

Service Record Edit

References Edit

  1. "Queen's Gambit" states he served one term in the Army, while House of Steel identifies him as a former Marine.

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