The Junction Treaty of 1590 PD was a treaty between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the star nations closest to the first three termini of the Manticore Wormhole Junction to be discovered: Beowulf, San Martin, and Hennesy.

Signed during the rule of Queen Elizabeth II, the treaty gave each of the three star nations shared sovereignty with Manticore over its respective terminus. It also granted them an identical share of the Junction revenues, as well as the same discount on transit fees.

In 1752 PD, the Republic of San Martin illegally seized its terminus of the junction in the hope of solving severe fiscal issues, triggering the San Martin War. After Manticore forced San Martin to surrender, the Kingdom reinstated the treaty terms. Recognising the desperate circumstances underlying the conflict, Manticore offered generous terms: in exchange for the restoration of all seized property, restitution to private owners for damage and losses, and a commitment to fiscal reforms, San Martin was to receive favored status, and 50% off transit fees through all Junction termini for a period of 25 T-years.

The treaty was modified during the rule of Roger III, with Manticore getting undivided sovereignty over the Beowulf and Hennesy termini, in return increasing these two nations' percentage of transit fees and adding a secret clause which amounted to a mutual defense treaty. (Companion)

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