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Judah Yanakov
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Judah Yanakov was a Grayson citizen and an officer of the Grayson Space Navy.

Family Edit

He was a nephew of Bernard Yanakov, who was considered one of the GSN's greatest heroes. (HH4)

He was also a third cousin of Zack Yanakov, a fellow officer in the GSN. (HH8)

Another of his cousins was Anastasia Yanakov, the first Grayson woman to complete armsman training. (HH13)

Biography Edit

Holding the rank of Rear Admiral, he served as a division commander in the First Battle Squadron. (HH4)

After several irregular incidents aboard the heavy cruiser GNS Francis Mueller, Yanakov questioned the crew and had the First Officer removed from the ship. (HHA4.3: ASNF)

Promoted to full Admiral, he commanded the Grayson contingent of the Eighth Fleet from his flagship, GSNS Honor Harrington. When he ordered the fleet to open fire on the Havenite units that were attacking the Basilisk System in the Second Battle of Basilisk, his order to all GSN units was: "Lady Harrington and no mercy!" This battlecry was a reference to Honor Harrington, whom the Graysons believed to be dead at the time.[1] (HH8)

As the commanding officer of the Eighth Fleet's Task Force 82, he sprang the trap that destroyed Admiral Giscard's squadron in the Battle of Lovat. (HH11)

After Wesley Matthews was killed in the destruction of the Blackbird Yard during the Mesan Alignment Navy's Operation Oyster Bay, Yanakov was recalled to Grayson to become the new High Admiral. (HH12)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Rear Admiral - 1907 PD
  • Admiral - 1913 PD

Posts Edit

References Edit

  1. The People's Republic of Haven had faked her execution.

Preceded by
Wesley Matthews
High Admiral
of the Grayson Space Navy
Succeeded by

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