Joshua Pinder-Swun
Male civilian
Full Name
Joshua Pinder-Swun
Male   Male
Secretary of the
Planetary Board of Directors

Joshua Pinder-Swun was a Beowulfan citizen and politician.

Physical appearance Edit

He was red-haired and blue-eyed. (HH13)

Biography Edit

His mother was a Mesan genetic slave. After being the liberated by a Royal Manticoran Navy cruiser, she settled down on the planet Beowulf and gave birth to Joshua.

As one of Beowulf's leading physicists of the 19th Century PD, he was "temporarily" elected to the Chamber of Professions around the year 1900 PD. Although he planned to return to science one day, he soon rose through the ranks of the political elite.

By 1922 PD, his official title was simply Secretary of the Planetary Board of Directors, but he was the de-facto Vice Chairman and CEO of the system government. (HH13)

References Edit

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