Joseph van Vleet was a Mesan citizen and scientist, and a member of the Mesan Alignment.

When the Alignment initiated Operation Houdini in mid-1922 PD, van Vleet and several of his colleagues were removed from their home planet, their names being listed among the victims of recent "terrorist attacks". He and Anastasia Chernevsky were transferred to the slaving vessel Luigi Pirandello along with their GAUL handler, Seleven Arpino.

On its way out of the Balcescu System, the Luigi Pirandello was intercepted by the Royal Torch Navy frigate Denmark Vesey and forced to strike its wedge. With his mission compomised, Arpino proceeded to shoot Chernevsky in her quarters. Van Vleet tried to hide in a utility closet, but Arpino soon found and killed him as well. All traces of their presence were obliterated when Arpino initiated the ship's self-destruct sequence. (CS3)

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