Dr. Joseph Buckley was a Beowulfan citizen and hyperphysicist.

Biography Edit

He was a major figure in the development of the impeller drive in the 13th Century PD. A member of the original developmental team in 1246 PD, he had a reputation for being as erratic as he was brilliant. Although many of his contemporaries acknowledged the theoretical brilliance of his work, none were prepared to endorse his conclusions.

Buckley[1], whose patents had made him a wealthy man, designed and built his own test vessel, the Dahak, and embarked with a volunteer crew to demonstrate the validity of his work. However, the attempt was unsuccessful, and the Dahak was destroyed in a spectacular explosion. (HH12)

Legacy Edit

While Buckley undeniably deserved to be commemorated alongside such other great scientists as Adrienne Warshawski and Shigematsu Radhakrishnan, it was the dramatic nature of his demise for which he was best remembered.

Several warships of the Solarian League Navy were named after him, including the Scientist-class superdreadnought SLNS Joseph Buckley. (HH12)

References Edit

  1. He is named for Joe Buckley, the creator of the infodump website The Fifth Imperium. Naming an ill-fated character after Buckley has become a tradition among Baen Books' authors.

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