Joseph Bryan
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Full Name
Joseph Bryan
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Joseph Bryan was a Havenite citizen and an officer of the People's Marine Corps.

Biography Edit

In 1903 PD, Bryan held the rank of Major and served as the commander of the Marine contingent aboard PNS Saladin. After the vessel was transferred to the Navy of Masada and renamed MNS Thunder of God, Major Bryan was one of the few Havenite officers that were allowed to stay aboard.

When the Masadans tried to take over the ship, he was notified of Captain Alfredo Yu's declaration of Code: Bounty by Corporal Marlin. He put on his armor, and ordered his men to retake the vessel until Captain Yu declared Code: Bounty Four-One, leading Bryan and his men to meet him. They were able to secure the boat bay so that the Havenite survivors could escape the ship. (HH2)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Major

Posts Edit

  • Commanding Officer, Marine Contingent, PNS Saladin

References Edit

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