The Jordan Cartel was a Manticoran business cartel that was charged with fraud and building substandard equipment for the Navy.

In the mid-19th Century PD, Jordan was awarded a production contract for Apollo-class light cruisers, but three of the first twelve ships they delivered failed the full-power trials due to structural flaws. The following scandal forced the Navy to cancel all its contracts with Jordan, and start a lengthy investigation. Construction of further Apollos was given over to the Hauptman Cartel. (Companion)

Lord Michael Janvier, Baron High Ridge, sold off a huge bloc of stock on insider information just before the company's malfeasance was made public. The combination of these two factors caused the cartel to collapse, badly hurting the finances of hundreds of its shareholders.

Proof of High Ridge's transaction was among the North Hollow files held by the Earls of North Hollow. (HH4)

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