The Joint Navy Military Transport Command or JNMTC was a partnership between the Royal Manticoran Navy's Logistics Command and the Grayson Space Navy's Office of Supply.

The JNMTC was tasked with the delivery of high-priority, time-critical cargoes, even to potential combat hot spots. While large ships could transport more supplies overall, medium and smaller ships had inherently more flexibility in terms of destinations and individual survivability.

Small and medium sized freighters were refit by Manticoran and Grayson shipyards to install sidewalls, missile defenses, rudimentary electronic warfare packages, upgraded sensors, and military-grade hyper generators. The costs of the upgrades was so expensive as to be financially inefficient, but the military efficiency and the war with the Republic of Haven made the idea palatable.

Due to their upgraded hyper generators, JNMTC ships could travel in the Eta band, giving them nearly twice the apparent velocity of normal civilian freighters. (HH7)

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