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Joelle Presby is a fantasy and science fiction author, and a former surface warfare officer in the United States Navy.

She went to school in Ohio and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2003. She has lived in various countries, including France, Cameroon, and Japan.

Presby is the author of the "Grayson Navy Letters Home," a set of fictional letters that explore the role of women in the modernized Grayson Space Navy, and "Obligated Service," which expands on the events described in the letters from another character's perspective. The latter was published in the sixth Worlds of Honor anthology, Beginnings. She also contributed to House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion.

Outside of the Honorverse, she is also co-authoring (with David Weber) new books in the Multiverse series, taking over for Linda Evans.

She has been a guest at several science fiction conventions, including HonorCon 2013 and Honorcon 2014, and is scheduled to be a guest at Manticon 2015.

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