Joachim Alquezar
Male civilian
Full Name
Joachim Alquezar
Male   Male

Joachim Alquezar was a San Miguel-born citizen of the Star Empire of Manticore's Talbott Quadrant, and an influential politician.

Physicial characteristicsEdit

The red-haired Alquezar was two hundred and three centimeters tall.[1] (SI1)


Alquezar's family owned twelve percent of the Rembrandt Trade Union's controlling stock.

In 1919 PD, Alquezar served as San Miguel's senior delegate to the Talbott Constitutional Convention on Flax. He and his staff wrote the final draft of the Talbott Constitution that was sent to Queen Elizabeth III of Manticore. (SI1)

After the founding of the Talbott Quadrant of the Star Empire of Manticore, Alquezar was appointed Empress Elizabeth's first Prime Minister for the Quadrant. (SI2)

References Edit

  1. San Miguel's low gravity produced a large percentage of tall, slender people.

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