The Jessyk Combine was a Mesan transport corporation that was officially independent, but secretly owned by Manpower Incorporated, Mesa's predominant genetic slaving company.

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In 1919 PD, the Jessyk slaver Felicia III, en route from a Manpower Inc. breeding station on Jarrod, was seized by the slaves aboard with the help of the Audubon Ballroom and several other factions. The vessel was later used in the takeover of the Mesan planet Verdant Vista in the Congo System. (CS1)

In 1920 PD, freighter/slaver Marianne, commanded by Duan Binyan, smuggled weapons to Kornati in the Split System and Montana in the Montana System to support the Freedom Alliance of Kornati and the Montana Independence Movement. In the orbit of Montana, the vessel was inspected by the crew of HMS Hexapuma. One of its crew panicked and fired on the approaching pinnace, destroying it and killing its crew. Hexapuma opened fire, shooting Marianne into wreckage. Only fourteen of the freighter's fifty-seven crewmembers were still alive by the time its captain surrendered and begged the Manticorans to stop firing.

In the Battle of Monica, the Royal Manticoran Navy destroyed or captured a total of fourteen Indefatigable-class battlecruisers which turned out to be part of a deal between the Jessyk Combine, Technodyne Industries, and the Republic of Monica. (SI1)

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