Jessica Pheriss
Female civilian
Full Name
Jessica Pheriss
"Windswept" (treecat name)
Female   Female
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Jessica Pheriss was a Manticoran citizen living on the planet Sphinx in the 16th Century PD, and one of the first humans to be adopted by a treecat.

Physical appearance Edit

Jessica had a curvy figure and full, curly, light auburn hair. (SK3)

Family Edit

She was the daughter of Buddy and Naomi, and had a number of siblings, including Archie, Billiam, Melanie-Anne, Nathan, and Tabitha. (SK3)

Biography Edit

Born in the Van Mook System, she was eldest of seven children of Buddy Pheriss, a notorious "drifter", and his wife, Naomi. During Jessica's youth, her family lived in the Madeleine, Trebuchet, and Tasmania systems before eventually settling down on the planet Sphinx in the newly created Star Kingdom of Manticore in 1520 PD.

Jessica soon befriended Stephanie Harrington, the first human to form a telepathic bond with a member the native treecat species. When she helped Stephanie and others to save a group of researchers from a forest fire, Jessica herself was saved from a burning tree falling on her by a male treecat from the Damp Ground Clan, and in turn protected the creature from the fire. In this moment of extreme danger, the treecat adopted Jessica, who named him Valiant.

Some time later, Jessica began to grow closer and closer with Stephanie's boyfriend, Anders Whittaker. The two eventually acknowledged their romantic feelings for each other, but Jessica was reluctant about a potential relationship because of her friendship to Stephanie. (SK2, SK3)

References Edit

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