Jerry Manson was a Solarian citizen and an officer of the Solarian League Navy.

Holding the rank of Lieutenant, he served as Rear Admiral Luis Rozsak's assistant intelligence officer for the Maya Sector Detachment. He was personally sycophantic, and biased against those of 'lower' social origins such as citizens (or ex-citizens) of protectorate planets, or genetic slaves. Rozsak was aware that he also sold information to others, such as Erewhon Intelligence. (CS1)

A part of Rozsak's effort in managing his staff was finding a way to send Manson on some plausible diversion when important matters were being discussed.

Lieutenant Manson was on Rozsak's staff on the recommendation of Ingemar Cassetti, the Lieutenant Governor of the Maya Sector. He was killed in an arranged accident when he was about to leak information concerning the Mayan secession movement. (CS2)

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