Jennifer Bellefeuille
Female military Haven
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Jennifer Bellefeuille
Female   Female
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Jennifer Bellefeuille was a Havenite citizen and an officer of the Republic of Haven Navy.

Biography Edit

She was born in the Suarez System, as was her husband, Russell Bellefeuille. Both detested the Committee of Public Safety, but decided to make a living in the People's Republic nonetheless, raising two children, Diana and Matthew. By 1920 PD, Bellefeuille had reached the rank of Rear Admiral and served as the commanding officer of the Chantilly System picket. Her flagship was RHNS Cyrus. Her husband and children visited her in 1920 PD, when Chantilly was probed by the Royal Manticoran Navy as part of Operation Cuttworm II.

However, Bellefeuille and her staff had devised an operational plan dubbed "Smoke and Mirrors" in response to the Manticorans' first raids: the instant Perimeter Tracking picked up evidence the RMN was scouting Chantilly, her six Warlord-class battlecruisers, in preselected positions, had gone to stealth and strict emissions control. In addition, two-thirds of her total LAC strength of six hundred had gone to immediate readiness, but been restricted to bases. She had continued to operate two hundred LACs normally, making certain the Manticorans saw them, but four hundred additional LACs, based on the planet Vespasien's main space station and a dozen other innocuous orbital platforms, outwardly indistinguishable from any freight-handling facility, stayed completely covert.

When the Manticoran force arrived, Bellefeuille engaged the enemy, destroying about seventy LACs and damaging the battlecruiser HMS Hector, but the enemy eventually won the battle. Cyrus was scuttled, but only after Bellefeuille and her staff safely left ship. After the shooting was over, she screened Vice Admiral Gold Peak of the RMN to thank her for arranging the full evacuation of the system's civilian platforms before their destruction. (HH11)

Admiral Gold Peak remembered Bellefeuille as devious, and as a capable opponent. (SI2)

In 1922 PD, Bellefeuille had been promoted to Vice Admiral, and served as commanding officer of the second task force of Haven's Second Fleet, part of the newly created Grand Fleet, under Admiral Lester Tourville. (HH13)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Rear Admiral (prior to 1921 PD)
  • Vice Admiral (1922 PD)

Posts Edit

  • Commanding Officer, Chantilly System Defense Command
  • Task Force Commander, Second Fleet

References Edit

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