Name: Jayne's Intelligence Review, Vol. 1
The Royal Manitcoran Navy
Author: David Weber
Ken Burnside
Thomas Pope
Publisher: Ad Astra Games
Publication Date: 2006
ISBN: 978-1934153086
Series: Non-Fiction
Next: Jayne's Intelligence Review, Vol. 2

Jayne's Intelligence Review, Vol. 1 – The Royal Manticoran Navy is the first volume of a series of Honorverse sourcebooks called Jayne's Intelligence Review, covering the Royal Manticoran Navy and the Star Kingdom of Manticore from the chronological viewpoint of the year 1905 PD.

Cover Summary Edit

The Royal Manticoran Navy as You have Never Seen It Before! This soft cover coffee table book has information on the Royal Manticoran Navy from David Weber's Honor Harrington universe, ranging from the founding and battle histories to detailed class histories and size comparison charts of the ships, to layouts of the pinnaces and rank insignia! Much of this material has never been published elsewhere, and this book is an official concordance of data on the Manticoran Navy, with material written by David Weber himself!

Contents Edit

  • The Star Kingdom of Manticore
  • The Royal Manticoran Navy
    • Battle Record of the RMN
    • Officer Corps and Rank Structure
    • Enlisted Undress Uniform
    • Skinsuit
    • Organization of the RMN
  • Ships of the Royal Manticoran Navy
(Various classes described)
  • Royal Manticoran Marine Corps
    • Officer Corps and Rank Structure
    • Personal Weapons
    • Mk28 Condor-class Pinnace
  • Starship Design Process

Other Publication Data Edit

  • Number of pages (paperback): 69
  • Language: English

References Edit

Starships Edit

HMS Royal Winton

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