Name: Javelin class
Type: Destroyer
Affiliation: RMN logo small boxcolored Star Kingdom of Manticore
Date Introduced: 1883 PD
Preceded By: Chanson class
Mass: 87,250 tons
Length: 381 m
Beam: 45 m
Draught: 26 m
Acceleration: 415.7 G
(519.7 G maximum)
Armament: 12 missile launchers
4 lasers
8 countermissile launchers
3 PD

The Javelin class was a class of destroyers used by the Royal Manticoran Navy.

A contemporary of the Chanson class, it had a fundamentally different design philosophy, with heavier offensive armament at the cost of defense. It was intended to serve as a fast screening unit for battlecruiser squadrons and saw little independent command.

While in simulation it seems like a highly effective design, its offensive power came at a price: the larger broadside demanded more magazine space, and in the final design, two magazines had to feed six missile launchers, making the design particularly vulnerable to damage. Missile tubes and magazines were placed closer to the sidewall generators than normal, plaguing the class with feedback issues between grav drivers and sidewall generators.

Compared to the Chanson and Culverin classes, the Javelin was never particularly popular within the Navy. Most of the 65 ships built were relegated to reserve duty by 1920 PD, even though some much older Chanson-class units were still in active service. (JIR1, SI1)

Armament details Edit

  • Broadside: 6M, 2L, 4CM, 3PD
  • Chase: 2M, 1L, 2CM, 2PD

Known vessels Edit

References Edit

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