Jason Alvarez class
Name: Jason Alvarez class
Type: Heavy cruiser
Affiliation: Protectorate of Grayson
Date Introduced: 1904 PD
Mass: 319,500 tons

Length: 531 m
Beam: 64 m
Draught: 54 m

406.9 G
(508.6 G maximum)
Crew: 800
Armament: Broadside: 14M, 5G, 8CM, 8PD

Chase: 3M, 1G, 5CM, 5PD

The Jason Alvarez class was the first class of heavy cruisers built by the Grayson Space Navy.

They were actually a modified Manticorian Star Knight-class design, and were named after Commander Jason Alvarez of the RMN destroyer HMS Madrigal, who gave his life in defense of Grayson. (HH3)

Specification Edit

  • Armament - 6 energy weapons units[1] of battlecruisers' strength (Star Knight-class vessel: 8 lasers, 4 grasers[2])

Ships of the Class Edit

References Edit

  1. barely half as many energy weapons as a Manticoran cruiser would have (HH4)
  2. according to Jayne's

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