Janice Wendel was a Mesan citizen and slaver.

In 1922 PD, she served as a guard aboard the Jessyk Combine slaving vessel Luigi Pirandello. When the ship was cornered by the Torch military in the Balcescu System, Wendel and another guard were ordered to go to the engineering section and make sure engineering technician Ingraham did not harm any of the slaves aboard (which would have ensured the entire crew's summary execution). When she arrived, she almost instantly shot and killed Ingraham. She then turned her pulser on Voigt, another technician, and ordered him to come with her under the threat of being shot as well.

Wendel died with the rest of the crew when the Luigi Pirandello was blown up by a Mesan Alignment agent minutes later, and the Torch frigate Denmark Vesey destroyed all shuttles that had left the ship. (CS3)

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