The Jamie Candless was a sub-light runabout designed and built by Samuel Silverman & Sons for Honor Harrington, named in honor of her personal armsman James Candless who died aboard PNS Tepes.

Wayne Alexander, a resident of Harrington Steading, worked closely with Silverman & Sons on the design and was the flight engineer in 1915 PD. Jamie Candless was small and lively enough for recreation, big enough for comfort and almost as nimble as a pinnace.[1] The vessel was damaged protecting Grayson One during the assassination attempt on Queen Elizabeth III and Protector Benjamin IX.

Operational Details Edit

The Jamie Candless massed 11,200 tons and was equipped with the next-to-last-generation of inertial compensator (as of 1915 PD) allowing for acceleration of close to seven hundred gravities. Equipped with a considerably better sensor suite than any other "civilian pleasure craft", the Candless also included the latest system-management AIs which in an emergency would permit one person to operate the runabout from the flight deck.

The flight deck was a pinnace-like modification with a bubble armorplast canopy over a cockpit that was too small to accommodate more than two flight chairs, one for a human and one for a treecat. The cockpit included a holographic HUD with all essential flight controls located on military-style stick in a configuration any Navy small craft pilot was intimately familiar with.

Two military grade antiparticle generators produced military grade particle and radiation shielding that permitted a maximum sustained velocity of 0.8 c. The runabout could only accommodate eight passengers in the engineer's station, passenger compartment and flight deck. (HH9)

References Edit

  1. There is no evidence regarding atmospheric flight or landing on planetary surfaces.

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