James Valentine
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Full Name
James Valentine
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James "Jim" Valentine was Havenite citizen and an officer of the People's Navy.

Biography Edit

In 1903 PD, Valentine held the ranks of Commander and was assigned to the MNS Thunder of God as the Chief Engineer. He proposed the idea of towing Masadan light attack craft through Hyperspace to his commander, Captain Alfredo Yu, arguing that Thunder of God and the Principality could handle the tow load, even though Thunder of God's tractor beams almost could not handle the load.

After "Code: Bounty Four-One" was announced by Captain Yu, Commander Valentine attempted to reach engineering but was shot in the thigh. He went to the boat bay, and was able to escape in one of the pinnaces. Afterwards, Sword of the Faithful Matthew Simonds regretted that he escaped. (HH2)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Commander (before 1903 PD)

Posts Edit

  • PNS Saladin

References Edit

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