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James "Jamie" Candless was an officer of the Grayson Army and Honor Harrington's second most senior armsman in the early 1910s PD.

Biography Edit

James was born on Grayson in the second half of the 19th Century PD. His father was killed aboard the light cruiser GNS Covington in the Battle of Blackbird. He later became an officer in the Army and a member of the Harrington Steadholder's Guard. (HH4)

When Edward Martin tried to murder Lady Harrington and instead killed The Reverend Julius Hanks and fellow armsman Frederick Sully, Candless drew his pulser to execute the killer, but was stopped by Harrington. He then crashed the weapon's butt into the other man's face, leaving him unconscious. (HH5)

He was among those captured on HMS Prince Adrian, where Commodore Harrington disguised him as a Grayson marine lieutenant to ensure he was kept with them. He took a rear guard position during Honor's extraction from special confinement and was killed protecting her aboard PNS Tepes before it was destroyed. (HH7)

Honor Harrington's private in-system runabout James Candless was named after him, as was James Candless Memorial Field in Harrington Steading. (HH9, HH10)

Service Record Edit

Posts Edit

  • Armsman, Harrington Steadholder's Guard

References Edit

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