Ivan Ravicz
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Full Name
Ivan Ravicz
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Ivan Ravicz was a Manticoran citizen and an officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Physical appearance Edit

He had deepset heavy eyes. (HH3)

Biography Edit

In 1904 PD, Ravicz held the rank of Commander and served as chief engineer of the newly commissioned battlecruiser HMS Nike. He oversaw the untested systems during the ship's initial launch, and noticed a slight fluctuation in one of the aft fusion plants, Fusion Three. He informed Captain Honor Harrington about it, but assured her that it would not be a problem. However, he later realized there was a microscopic fracture line caused by a flaw in the alloy matrix, and recommended the reactor to be replaced. When the replacement was approved, Ravicz proposed to cut the ship's hull open from underneath, thus avoiding having to go through the armor. He was happy when the new plant performed perfectly. (HH3)

After the First Battle of Hancock and Nike's return to Manticore in 1905 PD, he insisted that the heavily damaged Graser Six had to be replaced, going against recommendations from the engineers aboard the space station Hephaestus. Captain Harrington and Commander Evelyn Chandler supported his decision in the matter and convinced Vice Admiral Cheviot. (HH4)

Character Edit

Ravicz was infamous among the crew for his poor attempts at singing. (HH3)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Commander

Posts Edit

  • Chief Engineering Officer, HMS Nike (BC-413)

References Edit

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