Lord Isaiah Mackenzie, Steadholder Mackenzie, was a Grayson nobleman and the captain-general of Benjamin the Great's army during the Civil War.

Biography Edit

Isaiah Mackenzie was born on Grayson in the late 13th or early 14th Century PD, and had become the head of the MacKenzie Clan by the time the Faithful assassinated Protector John II. The Protector's young son, Benjamin, escaped to MacKenzie Steading, where he began to work with the Steadholder to build an army and win back his throne. (Companion)

He was the first – and for hundreds of years, only – recipient of the Crossed Swords to the Star of Grayson.[1] (HH5)

Legacy Edit

Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy was named in his honor. (Companion)

The pod-laying superdreadnought GSNS Isaiah MacKenzie was named after him as well. (HH9)

References Edit

  1. De facto meaning he received the Star twice.

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