Into the Fire was a long-running Manticoran news video show jointly hosted by Patrick DuCain and Minerva Prince.

It was created in the 1870s PD, and was soon syndicated due to its huge success. (Companion)

The hosts were chosen in part because of their opposing political viewpoints (DuCain was a Crown Loyalist, Prince a Liberal), an ancient show development ploy. Guests were similarly selected for their conflicting views, and DuCain and Prince actively stimulated debate between them. The show was popular, but did not degenerate into ideological screaming, so important politicians and policy scholars were willing to appear on it.

Honor Harrington observed several episodes which discussed policy matters relevant to her or to her operational concerns; an example was a broadcast of the show (in 1905 PD) in which Edward Janacek and Hayden O'Higgins appeared and discussed the imminent court-martial of Pavel Young. (HH4)

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