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Ingemar Cassetti († 1919) was a Solarian citizen and politician.

Biography Edit

Around 1919 PD, he was the Solarian League's lieutenant governor of the Maya Sector under Oravil Barregos.[1] In this position, he orchestrated the plan to kill Hieronymus Stein, throw the blame on Manpower Incorporated and then use that to drive forward the Maya Sector's growing alienation from the rest of the League.

After the liberation of Torch he held a victory speech, during which he was assassinated by a marksman appointed by Lieutenant Thandi Palane in order to remove him from the sector's political arena and satisfy those who demanded blood for the Stein killing and his other schemes. (CS1)

Gail Brosnan succeeded him as acting lieutenant governor. (CS2)

References Edit

  1. He was also his political chief-of-staff.

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