I Will Build My House of Steel is an Honorverse-themed novella written by David Weber that forms the first half of the 2013 companion book House of Steel. It is very much a biography of King Roger III of Manticore.

Timeframe: 1844 - 1914 PD

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While serving as first officer of the destroyer HMS Wolverine, Crown Prince Roger of Manticore realizes the growing threat by foreign powers that his Star Kingdom faces. He advocates for a stronger wall of battle to properly safeguard the Manticore System and the Manticore Wormhole Junction, but meets strong opposition from entrenched forces in the Navy.

After several years of minimal progress in this regard, and with the looming threat of the expansionist People's Republic of Haven in the distance, Roger seeks to join the Bureau of Weapons to help work on technological advances to offset the RMN's quantitative disadvantage with a qualitative advantage. His mother Queen Samantha II arranges for him to be transferred, where Fourth Space Lord Carrie Lomax assigns him to work under Commander Jonas Adcock in the Concept Development Office. There, he meets several future RMN stars including Sebastian D'Orville, Hamish Alexander and Sonja Hemphill, as well as Commander Adcock's sister Angelique, with whom he falls in love and marries.

Samantha II passes away in 1857 PD, and Roger III succeeds to the throne. He pushes aggressively for a Fleet buildup in preparation for the upcoming war, and sets up Project Gram to continue weapons R&D with now-Captain Adcock in charge. During his reign, Roger forces through the annexation of the Basilisk System, amends the Junction Treaty of 1590 PD to better secure the Junction, forms the Manticoran Alliance, and begins educating his daughter Elizabeth in interstellar politics.

In 1883 PD, with a Havenite invasion of Trevor's Star imminent, Roger plans to go to San Martin to negotiate a mutual defense treaty with President Hector Ramirez, hoping to present a strong front against the People's Republic and give them pause. Before he can make the trip, however, he is assassinated in a staged grav ski accident. His heir Queen Elizabeth III lacks the stature to push the agreement through, and Trevor's Star is conquered by the PRH. Nevertheless, she continues his work in readying for the impending war with Haven.

The story jumps forward to Operation Buttercup, where Admiral Hamish Alexander, Earl White Haven effortlessly destroys a People's Navy fleet in the Battle of Barnett with no losses thanks to the work of Adcock and others at BuWeaps. Upon learning of the clear victory over the People's Republic, Elizabeth goes to visit her father's crypt in King Michael's Cathedral, where she tearfully recalls his many efforts that brought the Star Kingdom to this point, and his pledge as inscribed on his plaque: "I will build my house of steel."

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