IANS Todfeind was an heavy cruiser[1] of the Imperial Andermani Navy.

History Edit

In 1918-19 PD, Todfeind's[2] commanding officer was Kapitän der Sterne Schweikert, and the ship, being less than ten years old at the time, operated in Silesian space.

In this year Pirates' Bane destroyed a pirate ship and captured 37 surviving pirates. Later, Captain Thomas Bachfisch handed them over to Todfeind. Kapitän Schweikert invited Captain Bachfisch and his senior officers to supper, but Bachfisch had to decline because Pirates' Bane had had to make a detour to meet Todfeind and therfore was behind schedule.

When Todfeind left her rendezvous with Pirates' Bane Bachfisch and his crew observed her acceleration of over 475 gravities. While the maximum acceleration of a ship of Todfeind's tonnage should have been around 500 gravities, there was no reason for Kapitän Schweikert to hurry, so this indicated that the Imperial Navy had already cracked the secret of the improved inertial compensators the Manticoran Alliance had believed to have had a monopoly on until then. (HH10)

Technical specifications Edit

  • Mass: 400,000 tons

Known crewmembers Edit

Naval Officers Edit

References Edit

  1. There are only two known Andermani heavy cruiser classes, but she could neither have been an Emden-class (because she was too new) nor a Verfechter-class ship (because she was too old).
  2. German for "mortal enemy".

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